Writing a PayPal SOAP client with Java 6

I have always been mystified on the inner workings of SOAP. That was until I learned about the "wsimport" utility that comes with Java 6. It makes the entire process very easy. Below is an example of writing a SOAP client for PayPal’s Sandbox. This code will execute the SetExpressCheckout API call.

Just enter the following on your command line to generate the com.javazquez package

wsimport -keep -XadditionalHeaders -Xnocompile -p com.javazquez http://www.sandbox.paypal.com/wsdl/PayPalSvc.wsdl

open your favorite java editor(I used eclipse) and add the package(“com.javazquez”..created in the above command) to your new project

next, write some code to test out the APIs

package com.javazquez;

import javax.xml.ws.Holder;
public class TestEC {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SetExpressCheckoutReq req = new SetExpressCheckoutReq();
        SetExpressCheckoutRequestType reqType = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestType();
        SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType details = new SetExpressCheckoutRequestDetailsType();
        AddressType addr = new AddressType();
        addr.cityName = "omaha";
        addr.street1 = "123 main";
        addr.country = CountryCodeType.US;
        addr.name = "joe tester";

        details.address = addr;
        details.orderTotal = new BasicAmountType();
        details.orderTotal.currencyID = CurrencyCodeType.USD;
        details.orderTotal.value = "1.00";
        details.cancelURL = "http://javazquez.com/cancel";
        details.returnURL = "http://javazquez.com/return";


        reqType.setExpressCheckoutRequestDetails = details;

        UserIdPasswordType user = new UserIdPasswordType();
        user.username = "XXX";
        user.password = "XXXX";
        user.signature = "XXXX";

        PayPalAPIInterfaceService pp = new PayPalAPIInterfaceService();
        PayPalAPIAAInterface pinterface = pp.getPayPalAPIAA();
        Holder security = new Holder(new CustomSecurityHeaderType();
            SetExpressCheckoutResponseType resp = pinterface.setExpressCheckout(req, security);
            for(ErrorType msg: resp.errors){
        catch(Exception ex){